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avatar for Stefan Simenon , ABN-AMRO

Stefan Simenon , ABN-AMRO

Head of Centre of Expertise Software Development & Tooling
avatar for Jasmine James, Delta Airlines

Jasmine James, Delta Airlines

Development Tools Engineer
avatar for Mykel Alvis, Cotiviti

Mykel Alvis, Cotiviti

DevOps Computational Demonologist
avatar for Helen Beal, Ranger4

Helen Beal, Ranger4

avatar for Chris Carlucci, Sonatype

Chris Carlucci, Sonatype

Lead Customer Success Engineering
avatar for Stefania Chaplin, Sonatype

Stefania Chaplin, Sonatype

Solutions Engineer, EMEA
avatar for Fernando Cremer, Sonatype

Fernando Cremer, Sonatype

Customer Success Engineer
avatar for Sarah Elkins, General Dynamics

Sarah Elkins, General Dynamics

Configuration Manager
avatar for Damon Edwards, RunDeck

Damon Edwards, RunDeck

DevOps and Operations
avatar for Jerry Gergel, Sonatype

Jerry Gergel, Sonatype

Customer Success Engineer
avatar for Hiep Tran, Capital Group

Hiep Tran, Capital Group

Sr. Technology Engineering Lead
avatar for Siamak Sadeghianfar, Red Hat

Siamak Sadeghianfar, Red Hat

Principal Product Marketing Manager
avatar for Arsenie Jurgenson, Sonatype

Arsenie Jurgenson, Sonatype

Customer Success Engineer
avatar for Mohamed Labouardy, FoxIntelligence

Mohamed Labouardy, FoxIntelligence

AWS Solution Architect | DevOps Engineer
avatar for Melanie Latin, Sonatype

Melanie Latin, Sonatype

Sr. Instructional Designer
avatar for Shannon Lietz, Intuit

Shannon Lietz, Intuit

Red Team and DevSecOps Lead
avatar for Larry Maccherone, Comcast

Larry Maccherone, Comcast

DevSecOps | Lean/Agile | Analytics
avatar for Barry Snyder, Fannie Mae

Barry Snyder, Fannie Mae

Leader | Innovator | Technologist
avatar for Mark Miller, Sonatype

Mark Miller, Sonatype

Senior Storyteller
avatar for Xin Xu, Kaiser Permanente

Xin Xu, Kaiser Permanente

Development Manager
avatar for Michael Prescott, Sonatype

Michael Prescott, Sonatype

Product Owner, Nexus Repository
avatar for Wiebe de Roos, ABN-AMRO

Wiebe de Roos, ABN-AMRO

CI/CD Consultant / Engineer
avatar for Daniel Sauble, Sonatype

Daniel Sauble, Sonatype

User Experience Product Owner
avatar for DJ Schleen, Aetna

DJ Schleen, Aetna

DevOps Security Architect
avatar for David Slater, TaskTop

David Slater, TaskTop

Engineering Manager
avatar for Shade Solon, Sonatype

Shade Solon, Sonatype

Senior UX Researcher
avatar for Brianne Strozewski, Sonatype

Brianne Strozewski, Sonatype

Senior Content Developer
avatar for Tom Tapley, Sonatype

Tom Tapley, Sonatype

Customer Success Engineer
avatar for John Willis, SJ Technologies

John Willis, SJ Technologies

Vice President of Devops and Digital Practices
avatar for Chris Tolo, Sonatype

Chris Tolo, Sonatype

Customer Success Engineer
avatar for Derek Weeks, Sonatype

Derek Weeks, Sonatype

VP and DevSecOps Advocate
avatar for Jamie Whitehouse, Sonatype

Jamie Whitehouse, Sonatype

Product Owner, Nexus Lifecycle
avatar for Curtis Yanko, Sonatype

Curtis Yanko, Sonatype

DevOps Evangelist and Coach
avatar for Justin Young, Sonatype

Justin Young, Sonatype

Product Owner, Strategic Integrations